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Our Review 4U (dba Shopping)
Rakuten group, The Internet Superstore & Discount Price Leader

Dear Valued Friends and Family,

Hello! Greetings and Salutations, we welcome and thank you so very much for visiting, it is as always our most sincere pleasure to serve and assist our online community by sharing with you what we have recently discovered to be some of our best shopping experiences. Shop anytime, 24/7 from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, while traveling, even on vacation in the bahamas in your pajamas!!. Enjoy! Please read on . . . .

Rakuten serves both the United States and Canadian online shopping community and has gained significant popularity as one of the largest most reputable delightfully diverse multi-media shopping sites in our modern time. You are sure to find whatever type of unique merchandise and or gift ideas you may be searching for by browsing their truly phenomenal selections. Furthermore we truly do care and most certainly realize how valuable your time is today and also what a hassle it can sometimes be driving around in all kinds of weather wasting precious time and fuel to some noisy over crowded un-friendly, un-pleasant, shopping mall trying to find exactly the right stores that offer the best deals on consumer electronics,  discount electronics and accessories, home, health and beauty products, recreational gear, baby gear, gifts, music, books, games, computers, notebooks, net books, lap tops, jewelry, watches, hand bags, book bags, wireless devices, digital cameras, smart phones, iphones, ear phones, those ever so important fashion accessories, and especially of course, that certain special item you always have been wanting for yourself.

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We are sure you will also agree the amazing extraordinary power of the Internet has forever changed the preferred go to method our online community shops. Especially now since you can easily command an entire web based superstore at your finger tips displayed directly on your computer screen stocked with literally thousands of your most favorite items and accessories and shop to your heart's content, 24/7 anytime from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, while traveling, even on vacation in the bahamas in your pajamas!. This is the reason we have been surfing the web in an ongoing research effort to find online shopping sites that offer the very best value on the newest, hottest, most exciting and innovative, highly desirable merchandise and these are some of the comments we have found..... set a land speed record for order fulfillment!

Since I am not a techie, I really hadn't yet discovered a reason to visit (I am so glad I did!). After purchasing a new nikon digital SLR camera I needed for both school projects and work assignments, I found myself to be in need of a media card. I knew very little about media cards, so I checked out a few electronics sites to no avail. I was r e a l l y impressed with the most excellent selection of discount electronics and accessories on as well as finding a spectacular selection of many exceptional quality name brand products as well. Overall, I was most delighted to find the site very well organized with hundreds of wonderfully innovative personal products and name brands to choose from. Not only did I save a bundle over retail, the web site always made the order and selection process so easy!. Thank you for doing such a fabulous job and a most phenomenal shopping experience!.

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FEATURED MERCHANDISE carries a vast impressive array of mostly consumer electronics and electronic devices for both home and office. HDTV's, MP3's, iPADS's, IPOD's, WI-FI, and or any other electronic accessory acronym you can think of. Their web site offers online shoppers a stellar superlative variety of the most popular state of the art technical products including leading manufactures computers, computer accessories, home theater and gaming systems, smart phones, iphones, ipads, wireless devices, blue tooth, blu-ray, digital products, digital cameras, and protective carrying cases. The site also carries an a most spectacular extraordinary collection of home, health and beauty products, jewelry, watches, handbags, book bags, leather goods, clothing accessories, recreational gear, sports gear, baby gear, and other such highly desirable innovative products I never knew existed!. Check it out!!
THEIR WEB SITE serves both the United States and the Canadian online community and has one of the best web sites that I have ever had the pleasure to have experienced. The web pages load quickly and are really very nicely designed, so easy to maneuver around and navigate their featured merchandise, you will not have any problems whatsoever finding exactly the type of products you are looking for. I give their site five stars!! even more exciting are the many featured product reviews of the most popular selling items that regularly appear on the home page to assist you with making the best selections. There are also actual customer reviews who have made previous purchases in most all categories posted on their web site as well to help assist you in making the best product choices. I positively would have never imagined a better online shopping experience and would definitely recommend to anybody!!


I discovered after purchasing my new digital camera I was going to also need a media card if I desired to take more than 12 pictures at a time. I unsuccessfully tried a few alternate electronic accessories sites to no avail. by far, hands down, as with all the fine name brand merchandise they carry had the best overall selection at excellent comparative prices. I have also since purchased a new apple ipad and also an "all in one" compatible digital photo printer as well as other such superb quality personal and beauty products from over the past few months and am absolutely without a doubt, a very satisfied customer. I have highly recommended this Internet retailer to friends and family and will definitely continue to be a loyal customer!.

Choosing a media card was easy, even for someone like me with a limited knowledge of electronics. I simply clicked on the digital camera accessories page link, once there the site allows you to easily input the exact make and model of your camera, immediately gives you the best selection of media cards to choose from. My most favorite feature as with all their merchandise I found most enjoyable, is that the prices were clearly listed and the media cards neatly sorted according to how much memory the appropriate cards had. This feature has made it so easy to narrow down the selection process and make the best appropriate choice. Thanks a million!.


I was amazed to discover upon receiving my media card, the specifications stated it was designed for palm hand held devices. Ordinarily, I would have mistakenly passed by the media cards aisle in a typical electronic accessories department store without ever realizing similar cards could also be used in digital cameras. made the entire selection process so much easier and by far more convenient than it otherwise would have been in an ordinary discount electronics department store. I'LL BE B A C K ! ! !

About two minutes after placing my order, I received an e-mail confirmation with my invoice and part# confirming my order and shipping information. Customer service re-assured me I would also receive an additional follow-up e-mail message stating the date and time my order was processed and scheduled to arrive. As it turns out, my products showed up early the next morning, within 24 hours after ordering!. My merchandise arrived right on schedule as promised and I never experienced any kind of difficulty whatsoever with my orders or exchanging returned items. has ALWAYS taken care of me.

SHIPPING RATES (dba Shopping)

Shipping rates at can vary somewhat depending on the quantity and weight of the item or items you are purchasing, the method of shipment selected and the amount of time you are willing to wait until you receive your merchandise may also slightly effect rates. On the more economical end, 95% of all shipments are free if you are willing to wait up to 4 to 5 days (depending on your area). On the home page menu, there is an easy link that will allow you to accurately calculate shipping cost depending upon your preferred method of shipment and the area in which you reside. When you click on that link, you are immediately presented with multiple matrix's that easily explain available shipping options, shipping rate's, and policies.

I chose free standard shipping for my items and they were delivered within 24 hours. WOW! this is definitely a land speed record in comparison to all other online stores I have previously dealt with!. In fact, most online stores don't even process and prepare your items for shipping within less than 24 hours. I was delighted to find my order was received well packaged and exactly correct as specified upon delivery. I placed another order a couple of days later, once again chose free standard shipping and my items promptly arrived the second business day. I consider's service and prices outstanding! and will absolutely, positively, continue to shop with them in the future.

RETURN POLICY has ALWAYS taken care of me. They have most certainly proven to me that their customer satisfaction policy is job #1!. Recently, I desired to return a laptop computer previously purchased in exchange for a similar machine with upgraded features and equipped with a webcam and dvd burner I found to like much better. The return process was completely hassle-free, simple, automated, and immediate. customer service dept. issued me via e-mail a printable return UPS label so I would not be obligated to have to pay anything towards return shipping in order to exchange my merchandise. promptly processed my revised order once they received my returned item.


Overall, the purchasing process and delivery at were better than 5 stars. I would definitely recommend this online merchant, I have been dealing with for quite sometime and they are my #1 go to site for most purchases. I have NEVER had a problem with any of my orders and have placed at least several dozen orders with them over the past few months. What really impressed me was their free standard shipping policy that is normally supposed to take 7 to 10 days on most purchases, consistently arrived the NEXT DAY (When I was on assignment in Orlando Fla.) and was ordering certain media. I have had nothing but praise for this company. I do not own shares of their corporate stock, neither do I myself or any of my family members work for their company. I'm just a very happy customer and would absolutely, positively, recommend shopping with!!.

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